What's My Name - Rihanna Featuring Drake

So you've probably all heard of this song. You've all wondered why she asks what her name is. Yeah, well we'll be seeing this in a minute. The first time I listened to this song, I hated it like f*ck ! But for some reason, I kinda like it now -now that it has been overexposed-. But let's also take into account that the first time I listened to it was when I watched the music video, which was all...

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber must be the mst overexposed person of the year, along with Lady Gaga. But let's focus on Bieber Boy...

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry has been known since her debut album "One Of the Boys" came out in 2008. First of all, her single "I Kissed A Girl" could be heard every ten fucking minutes on every, single, radio station...

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Far East Movement - Like A G6

Apparently this song came out in 2009, but I never heard about it until it overtook the fucking radio, broadcast signals all over the place. It's a band, the members aren't even known ! I watched the video and I was so damn confused : I didn't know what the fuck was going on...

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Check out the forum !

Sorry guys, the forum is closed right now...

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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Pray For Japan

I'll just forget about the ranting, and take some time to say how I feel about this terrible event that has happenned in Japan just yesterday.
At first, I just thought that it was, once again just another natural disaster which is overexposed. I changed my mind after watching several videos on Youtube: one recorded during the earthquake, and a few others filmed from helicopters as the tsunami was hitting Japanese cities and towns. Before I was talking to my stepdad and said that 10 meter waves weren't actually that bad. But after seeing those videos... I was speechless. I didn't know how waves could cause that much damage, and so many deaths and casualties.

So here's what I'm gonna say: PRAY FOR JAPAN
If you wish to donate there is a link that brings you to the Redcross website : Just click here
Or if you wish to be a bit more stylish, buy Lady Gaga's wristband, all money goes to Japan : Click here and buy Gaga's tsunami relief wrisband (5$)

PS: Yes, I am still my ranting old-self, but this was really important. See you soon with a Charlie Sheen post.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

My Balls - Your Favourite Martian (a.k.a Ray William Johnson)

So this song has been trending since quite a while now. My Balls. The singer is a "band" called Your Favorite Martian, from youtube, and the lead singer is RayWilliamJohnson, another famous youtuber.
First off, I find this song so fucking stupid ! "You ain't seen my balls", dude I don't want to see your balls and it's not happening. Seriously, RWJ must be about 30 years old and is singing about his "large" testicules. Are you 5 are something ? On top of that, he keeps comparing them to fictional characters such as "Two Ewoks chillin in my boxers"... DA FUCK ?!
I don't need to hear a song about your balls, and to me Ray, your just a person who wants to make even more money than your making with your =3 "show" on Youtube. Because one, YourFavoriteMartian is now a Youtube partner, which means money. And two, he puts the songs on iTunes for people to buy. Apparently this song has been in the top ten or something... Honestly I don't give a shit, because this song actually IS shit !

See you soon with Charlie Sheen.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Coming soon... Charlie Sheen what the hell ?

Recently, there has been a huge scandal about Charlie Sheen. I seriously sdo not know what the fuck is going on... something with Sheen's Korner ( = Sue's Corner ? ), Two And A Half Men, #winning, #tigerblood, and all the other Twitter shit, as well as him being fired. I think there's more... I'll do a little research to actually understand wht this fearless bastard is doing.

I finally have Twitter : Follow me @iJoshuaOnline

Friday, 4 February 2011

Hey Guys

Thanks to my few subscribers :) To become more popular on the web and blogosphere, I need you to recommend my blog to your friends and people ;) Because otherwise, my blog will just die away...
If I ever reach 50 readers, I will fucking CELEBRATE ! I know that 50 is not a lot, but to me it really does MEAN a lot. I really love you guys for sticking with me. Thank you so much :D

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Recently I've been seeing all over Facebook some "Likes" which included the words : "Dude" and "Oh Hell No !!!" ...

These are quite funny, here are a few examples :
Dude she called you Indian, ''OH HELL NO, HOLD MY Turban''
Dude, She called you a woman! "OH HELL NO, Hold my Sandwich Maker!"
Dude, she called you awkward." ... "OH HELL NO, hold my turtle!"
Dude! He called you a gayboy! ..." "OH HELL NO!!! hold my purse !"

At the beginning I thought "what the hell is this all about ?" and just read them for a laugh. But after maybe three or four months of "HELL NO !" you really just want to shout HELL NO yourself ! These get the fuck on your nerves. They may be funny, but be warned, they are bad, very bad. Oh comon' one more before the end :
"Dude she just called you italian" "Oh hell no, hold my ipod!" "what does that have to do with being italian?" "Absolutely nothing, why?" "Nothing... I just thought since you were italian, you'd be holding a pizza or something..."

Bed Intruder Song/Antoine Dodson

For those of you who don't know the story of Antoine Dodson, let me explain : This bitch was sleeping up there in his house, and his sister was in her bedroom, when suddenly this fucking person climbed in her damn window and was about to rape her but Mr. Dodson "saved the day" by chasing the rapist away. The weird event was later broadcast on fucking television, and ths sister explains what happened. But then Antoine gets up on the damn television, and here's how it went :
"Well, obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln Park. He's climbing in your windows, snatching yo' people up ! Trying to rape them so hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, and hide yo' husband 'cause he's raping anybody out there!" Blah blah blah... "We gonna find you ! So you can run and tell that, HOMEBOY ! ". After that happened, that news report went viral because some fucking person uploaded it to Youtube. Then some "brothers" or some shit auto-tuned the video to give birth to the fucking Bed Intruder Song. This "song" blew up and got millions and millions of hits and they even made it a damn single on iTunes. It went on the billboard hot 100 ! Because of all this shit, Antoine was on loads of talkshows and was even on the fucking BET Hip-Hop Awards ! What in the fuck ?! How does Antoine Dodson even relate to hip-hop ?! He was part of the commercial for the iPhone app "Sex Offender Tracker" and had the damn "Bed Intruder" Halloween costume which was basically a black tank top with a fucking afro wig and a red ass bandana ! Okay, it's nice and all that the money from the song helped his family get out of economical problems... but seriously, now just get the FUCK out of my damn face !!! If I hear one more person talking about "Hide your kids, hide your wife" and shit, I swear imma gonna fucking snap ! I don't care what the fuck you're talking about, just shut the fuck up ! I don't wanna hear it ! I am sick and tired of this bed intruder shit.

Monday, 31 January 2011

TRON: Legacy

I went to see this movie at last week-end and I thought it was great ! But I'm here to tell you why it's overexposed.
First of all, the fucking soudtrack, which consists of shitty electro-shite songs (apart from Derezzed that is actually good, was all over iTunes and Amazon and in every single music store. Bitch, we don't want fucking soundtrack, we want FILM ! And they make them look all special because it's fucking Daft Punk who made SOME of them --'
Then some fucking Tron-themed headphones came out by Monster Beats, and seriously, who would buy TRON headphones for fucking 500$ ?! That is HALF A GRAND !!! So fuck this !
While doing some research I came a cross some Tron shoes by Adidas. What the fuck is going on ?! They have some sort of fucking lights in them... is it to improve night vision or just to look like a total fucktard walking down the street ? Adidas, just stick to what you do best: sport wear.
A couple of months ago the TRON rage was already out there, and Audi and Mercedes made some Tron cars... I am not getting it. I really do not know what is happening. It's like "Oh hey, shall we make a Tron Car ?" "Will we be selling it?" "No we'll just build it to show off"
Bitch, why the fuck do you even need to build that thing !? For absolutely no reason, so get back to make your overpriced cars.
Then there's all the geeky stuff like Xbox controllers, computer mouses (mice?), computer keyboards, and I even think they made a Tron themed Xbox !!!

The movie was basically a remake of the first version, that came out in the fucking 80's I think. If I would be a film director, I wouldn't even know that film actually existed. The special-effects are better, the people are better-looking... etc... The only problem I have with this movie ? IT HAS NO FUCKING STORY ! It is all quite random. The worst part was at the end when a guy sends out this weird-ass energy wave, even though this is a technology based film. What the fuck ?

And once again we have a massively overexposed movie, ranging to Tron headphones to Tron cars, and a shit story.