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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Pray For Japan

I'll just forget about the ranting, and take some time to say how I feel about this terrible event that has happenned in Japan just yesterday.
At first, I just thought that it was, once again just another natural disaster which is overexposed. I changed my mind after watching several videos on Youtube: one recorded during the earthquake, and a few others filmed from helicopters as the tsunami was hitting Japanese cities and towns. Before I was talking to my stepdad and said that 10 meter waves weren't actually that bad. But after seeing those videos... I was speechless. I didn't know how waves could cause that much damage, and so many deaths and casualties.

So here's what I'm gonna say: PRAY FOR JAPAN
If you wish to donate there is a link that brings you to the Redcross website : Just click here
Or if you wish to be a bit more stylish, buy Lady Gaga's wristband, all money goes to Japan : Click here and buy Gaga's tsunami relief wrisband (5$)

PS: Yes, I am still my ranting old-self, but this was really important. See you soon with a Charlie Sheen post.


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